Our Core Values

Right Value on People
We believe that every person is valuable in the sight of God and that no one individual is any more important than another. To this end we seek to understand each person as an individual whom God loves and has made a part of His family.

Relationship over Structure
We believe that relationship is the glue that holds everything together. To this end, we endeavour to devote more time to building and deepening strong and inter-personal relationships than we do structures that facilitate growth and expansion.

Servant Leadership & Ministry
We believe that a person is only qualified to lead to the degree that they are willing to serve. Further, the motivation for all ministries within the local Church should also be based on the principles of servant hood.

Complementary Partnerships
We believe that we as a body are called and put together by God to complement and not compete with each other. To this end we endeavour to appreciate, respect and promote each other’s giftings and callings.

Character above Gifting
We believe that godly character is to be preferred above gifting and charisma. Our conviction is that the responsibility of carrying a gift should be well balanced with sufficient strength of character for its sustained impact and influence.

Empowering Environment
We believe in empowering individuals to realise and fully walk in their gifings and callings. To this end we believe that the role of leadership is not to stifle individual growth but to facilitate it by providing an environment conducive to it.

Responsibility & Accountability
We believe in mutual responsibility and accountability. We believe that every person must be responsible for their actions in every respect and that no one should accept any responsibility if they do not wish to be accountable for it.

Reconciliation over Being Right
We believe that reconciliation is more God’s heart than being right in every situation. Therefore, as much as principles and convictions are an integral part of our relationships, we prefer to be reconciled one with another to apportioning blame when things do not work according to everyone’s expectations and plans.

Stewardship & Ownership
We believe that every person is only a steward of what they have and will therefore have to give an account concerning how they administer the estate God has entrusted to them, whether it is people, finances, relationships or Churches. God owns all things and our place is to be faithful stewards, who administer the estate according to God’s purpose as revealed in the Word.

A Can-do Attitude is Priceless
We believe that as a people of faith and with God on our side, all things are possible to us. We, therefore, place a high premium on an attitude of victory and not defeat (a defeatist mentality). We are careful about what words we allow to govern our decisions. In the light of this, we do not vote concerning the direction of the Church but we hear from God corporately and obey His instructions. Your attitude will certainly determine your altitude.

World Wide Vision
We believe that God’s vision is a global vision and so is ours. To this end, we shall use every available tool to reach this world for Christ, until all the families of the world are blessed. However, we also believe that our global vision should only be an extension of what is working in the local Church and therefore our local congregation takes priority over all other national and international ministry.