The course Lifestyle of Worship taught by Daniel Amstutz was more than an informative lesson on worship. My ‘take away’ from the course was revelatory which leads to transformation. Daniels depth and insight into the subject revealed that lifestyle of worship was a ‘matter of the heart’ that he actually loved and lived. Therefor it was even more interesting in receiving from him as revelation knowledge flowed from his heart.

Although I was heavily impacted by all eight lessons, there were two sessions that influenced me more than others. And I am seeing a change in my lifestyle already because of the revelation imparted. As I study further the remaining six sessions I am sure they too will become my personal revelation; which in turn will cause my life to changed more (into the image of Christ) as well as my lifestyle of worship.

Worship is not about music! That statement arrested my attention and is still holding it. Worship is not about a ‘place’ where we go to do it, as the Samaritan women thought (Jn 4:23). Worship is not about singing songs prior to the ministry of the word coming forth. God is not looking for worship, Satan is. True worship is having an intimate face to face, day by day relationship with our Father God through Jesus Christ. As Daniel taught the lesson I realized how much I was a new covenant believer with an Old Testament mindset.

For example: Psalm 100:2-4 states come before His presence with singing and verse four states enter His courts with praise. I have literally stood before our congregation and quoted or read that scripture right out of the bible expecting us to do it. Little did I realize that this was a practice that was literally done when Israel was going to the temple. Now under the new covenant we don’t have to go to the temple to sing and praise God. We can do it from our living room, bathroom, bedroom, basement or the rooftop or anywhere in the world because we are the temple of the Holy Ghost; we can worship God in Spirit and in Truth anytime and anyplace. Now we come to the Lord with psalms and hyms and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts. (Eph 5:19) This is done by the spirit within us, whereas in the Old Testament they did not have the Holy Spirit residing in them. That revelation was a major sacred cow being tipped. I am also guilty of saying we have got to come to church or we need to be in a church somewhere. In reality we should be gathering as believers because we are the church, the body of Christ and where we are He is. The gathering was not for non-believers but they were welcome to come. It is the church’s job to ‘go out’ and make disciples.

I have not done a personal study neither have I attended many churches outside of my own for about the past thirty-one years. According to what Daniel was teaching it appears that there are many churches out there still doing the same thing. They are asking God to come down and bless them/us when He is already ‘down’ and has done it through Jesus. We have received all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. I learned that we cannot have something it if we can’t see it and believe God for it.

God is not looking for worship. Satan is the one looking for worship (Is 14:12-14; Lu 4:7). God is looking for true worshippers who worship in Spirit and Truth. Spirit and Truth (Holy Spirit and Jesus) are always with us and we can worship from our hearts at any time by our godly actions. That is what we were created for. We can live face to face and moment by moment with God in the spirit in whatsoever we do. It can be in word or deed or even when we eat or drink it can all be done to the glory of God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord. Our good works or lasting fruit glorifies God. (Jn 15:8)

We can meet God daily on a face to face level just like God met with Moses and spoke to him face to face, as a man speaks unto his friend. (Ex 33:11) Now God is speaking to us face to face through His Son Jesus, and Jesus calls us friends. (Heb 1:1-2; Jn 15:15) Honoring Him and serving Him in true holiness 24/7 is true worship. If we will truly meet with Him regularly face to face we will automatically receive what is in our loving heavenly Father’s hand. He is just looking for us…to be there! (Ex 24:12)

For me, this was revelation and confirmation. I have been hearing more clearly recently the psalms, hymns and spiritual songs making melody in my heart to the Lord on a daily basis. It was a timely and priceless teaching.