Church History

The mission of New Life in Christ Ministries (NLICM) is to practically teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding for the purpose of eternally changing lives and impacting the world.
In 1996, while pastoring the Menwith Hill Inspirational Gospel Service (MHIGS), the Holy Spirit inspired Reverend Vernon R. Roosevelt to start an outreach ministry in the town of Harrogate. In January 1997, 20 members of MHIGS, in the living room of Pastor and Susan Roosevelt, agreed with this call and NLICM was birthed. Initially, evangelistic services were held in Harrogate on the last Saturday of each month. Several months later, NLICM opened Sunday morning worship services at the New Park Primary School in Harrogate.
In May 1999, the Spirit of God released Pastor Roosevelt from MHIGS to focus more fully on the Harrogate ministry . Approximately eight souls earnestly began the work and since that time, NLICM has made positive impacts in many lives due to the anointing and uncompromised, practical, teaching and preaching of the Word of God.
In the past, NLICM has been featured in the local newspaper and on various radio programs. In April 2005, NLICM launched its SKY TV ministry reaching many on a weekly basis. This outreach proclaimed salvation as its core message.
NLICM’s future goals are to establish a multi-purpose worship centre in Harrogate as a Christian development centre to mature saints and spread the gospel worldwide as commanded.